Water Valley in jawai

Rajasthan – The Land of King welcomes you!

With the rich culture and tradition, Rajasthan possesses the power to attract large number of tourists throughout the World. With countless tourist attractions, Rajasthan is on the top of bucket list of every second adventurer. Without a doubt, Rajasthan is the biggest state of republic India and is secured by the massive Thar Desert! Apart from its huge size, the King’s land is the most colourful and vibrant state in India. Once in Rajasthan, you can explore diversity of culture, language and religion.

Along with the scenic beauty, you will definitely fall in love with the traditional Rajasthani attire. While in Rajasthan, admire the beauty of local women wearing the bright multi-hued Ghagra – Choli. Their matchless ability to balance the water-filled earthen pots is really appreciable. On the other hand, men are no less! Curlicue moustache and splendidly shaded turbans (safa) represents the authenticity of Rajasthan.

Well, here comes the most surprising fact about Rajasthan. Though surround by the vast stretches of golden sand in the thar desert, the state houses certain beautiful water valleys as well. Hence, while planning your Rajasthan tour, do not forget to include these water valleys in your itinerary list. These water valleys with their cool breeze will definitely re-energize you within your soul! The Water Valley places in Rajasthan are the perfect gateway from all the chaos of life. It’s time to escape in the tranquillity! Well, in addition to the freshness these water valleys have a lot to offer. You can also enjoy certain adventurous and thrilling water activities such as, rafting, trekking, cycling, camping and many more.

While planning a visit to water valley places in Rajasthan, consider the below list and plan accordingly:

  1. Water valley places in Jawai:

When it comes to Jawai, the historical Jawai Bandh is one of the major tourist attractions. Located around 150 km from Udaipur, the Jawai Bandh is house to numerous species of birds. Majorly flamingos fly to the dam to enjoy the fresh waves of spring.

  1. Water valley places in Bera:

The small village is now declared as ‘Jawai Bandh community reserve’. Surround by massive Aravalli ranges, its beauty is certainly matchless. While in Bera and not visiting the Jawai dam is considered a sin! This historical dam possesses a special property to magnetise large number of tourists from across the world. Apart from tourists, the dam is home to countless species of birds.

  1. Water valley places in Ranakpur:

Situated around 96 km from Udaipur – the lake city, its clam and pleasant atmosphere will definitely capture your heart! Furthermore, the Ranakpur wildlife sanctuary will definitely leave a trail of memories behind! Well, if you are a true adventurer, the exciting village jeep safari in Ranakpur is enough to make your tour mesmerizing one. Also, the Ranakpur wildlife safari could serve as an extra dose to your tour!

  1. Water valley places in Pali:

While sojourning in Pali, make some time to explore Jawai dam. The dam was constructed on river Jawai in 70 years ago and now serves as a major tourist spot. With the mountainous backdrop, the dam is the most scenic and quaint one! Apart from the scenic beauty, this dam is where wildlife of Jawai quenches their thirst for water.

Travellers, plan your tour and enjoy all that Rajasthan has to offer! Explore as many water valleys as you can and make memories for a lifetime!

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Best Seasons:August, September, October, November, December, January, February
Popular Location: jawai, bera