village jeep safari in jawai

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Rajasthan – the land of kings is undoubtedly the state of great diversity. Rajasthan is an epitome of age-old opulence and grandeur. Traces of history are still witnessed in the air! Among all the states, Rajasthan is the most colorful and vibrant state. While exploring India, not visiting Rajasthan is definitely considered as doing injustice. Once in Rajasthan, you can explore the diversity of culture, language, and religion. In order to witness the real beauty, embarking village safari tours in Rajasthan is the best way. Rajasthan is a perfect blend of culture, cuisine, beauty, and tradition!

This historically rich state houses countless magnificent villages, towns, and cities. Jodhpur, Udaipur, Jawai, and Jaisalmer are a few famous villages in Rajasthan. However, the list is endless! Jaipur, Agra, Ranakpur, Kumbhalgarh and many more, together add glitters to the timeless beauty of the state. Additionally, the vast stretches of golden sand, traditional handicrafts, and authentic flavors will leave you craving for more.

Adventurers, if you are planning a tour to Rajasthan, keep in mind that the king’s land has a vibrant array of things to offer. Check the below list and plan your tour:

  1. Village Jeep safari in Jodhpur: The beauty and hospitality of Jodhpur will never disappoint you! In addition to scenic beauty, Jodhpur offers an exhaustingly long list of things to do. Be it village tour in Jodhpur, desert safari, mouth-watering cuisine, desert camps or exploring the rich culture and heritage, Jodhpur has them all!
  2. Village jeep safari in Kumbhalgarh: Kumbhalgarh - the land of Mewars! Situated almost 85 kms north from Udaipur city, it is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Rajasthan. Cradled in the Aravalli Ranges, the beauty of Kumbhalgarh will leave you awe-inspiring. Additionally, Kumbhalgarh forest safari holds a special place in the hearts of tourists. It is the perfect way to cherish the endangered species of wildlife!
  3. Village jeep safari in Udaipur: The Lake City has all the reasons to attract thousands of tourists every year. Also known as ‘Venice of the East’, the city is perfect to make your romantic tour mesmerizing one. Udaipur, without a doubt, is true reflection of Royal Rajasthan! Hence, embark your jeep safari and explore the royalty of Udaipur.
  4. Village jeep safari in Jaisalmer: The vast stretches of golden sand will definitely leave you awe-inspiring. With the perfect location in the middle of Thar Desert, tour to Jaisalmer is incomplete with the jeep safari. In addition to the thrilling jeep safari, the alluring sight of sunset is definitely a treat to your eyes!
  5. Village jeep safari in Jawai Bandh: Located around 150 km away from Udaipur, it is one of the glittering gems in the crown of Rajasthan. The historical place is famous for the spotting of flamingos, along with numerous cranes that enjoy the fresh waves of spring. Furthermore, Jawai dam is house to many species of birds. Also, the most prominent attraction of Jawai is Leopards. Hence, in order to experience a close encounter with the big cats, Jawai dam leopard safari would be a great decision.
  6. Village jeep safari in Ranakpur: Situated around 96 km from Udaipur – the lake city, its clam and pleasant atmosphere will definitely capture your heart! Furthermore, the Ranakpur wildlife sanctuary will definitely leave a trail of memories behind! Well, if you are a true adventurer, the exciting village jeep safari in Ranakpur is enough to make your tour mesmerizing one. Also, the Ranakpur wildlife safari could serve as an extra dose to your tour!
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Best Seasons:August, September, October, November, December, January, February
Popular Location:Pali, Bera, jawai