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Get ready to sojourn in the thriving hub of magnificent animals of the cat family. Leopard safari in Rajasthan gives you an opportunity to experience a close encounter with the leopards. Witness this beautiful animal of the cat family just a few feet away!

Does it excite you or give you thrill? Then, what are you waiting for? It’s time to book your Bera leopard safari tour package now! The area is blessed with natural rocky hills, which is an ideal hide-out for leopards. Embark your leopard safari in Bera and explore as many off-the-beaten tracks as you can. Many do visit Rajasthan to explore leopards, however only few are lucky to witness them. So, plan your Bera leopard safari and try your luck!

Adventures, while talking about Jawai, Leopards are its predominant attractions. If you plan to chase these big cats, embark your leopard safari Jawai. The fascinating hilly and rocky landscapes will definitely make your tour mesmerizing one. Since there is an abundance of cattle and monkeys in Rajasthan the Leopards can never fall short of food! Well, this region is home to many other species of animals and birds. You can also spot countless crocodiles at the Jawai Dam.

Certainly, Jawai is all about perfection! Be it ornamentation of tents, hospitality to guests, sighting of leopards in their peaceful habitat and incredible jeep rides, nothing will disappoint your ever. Apart from these big cats, the leopard safari is a great opportunity to explore the rich culture and heritage of Rajasthan. Furthermore, while on your tour, the Rajasthani cuisine will be a perfect savor for your hunger.

Besides, Bera and Jawai, there are other regions that provide you the chance to have a close encounter with the big cats. Leopard safari in Kumbhalgarh, leopard safari Ranakpur, leopard safari Udaipur and leopard safari jodhpur are few of them.

Rajasthan, apart from being an epitome of tranquility and warmth, it is also the one-of-a-kind destination to explore leopards! Animal lovers, what are you waiting for? Plan your tour now! Ensure to book your Bera leopard safari tour package beforehand for a comfortable and peaceful excursion. Also, the gates of Rajasthan are always open to welcome the guests!

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Best Seasons:August, September, October, November, December, January, February
Popular Location: jawai, bera

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