Jungle Safari

Longing for a thrilling break adventurers? Well, pack your bags as it’s time to head to Bera. Get ready to stay in the magnificent hub of the big cats. Yes, you guess it right, the leopards!  Countless tourists plan their tour for leopard sighting in Rajasthan, however only a few are lucky enough to catch them. Although Leopards are elusive shy and well camouflaged animal, yet people wait for hours to get just the glimpse of the beautiful big cat. Excited? Plan your tour now and test your luck!

Before proceeding, it is important to know that Bera, a small village is now declared as ‘Jawai Bandh Community Reserve’. The massive Aravalli range adds to the beauty of this classic landscape! With countless reasons to magnetise tourists, Leopards are its predominant attraction. Hence, planning a leopard safari in Jawai is worth. This jungle safari in Jawai gives you an opportunity to experience a close encounter with the leopards. If you are lucky enough, you can witness the massive leopards just a few feet away! Furthermore, the area is blessed with massive hillocks and caves, which are great hide-out for the big cats. Embark your leopard safari in Bera and explore as many off-the-beaten tracks as you can. Leopard safari Bera, surrounded by Aravalli range the most tranquil and beautiful backdrop to stay.

The safari camp in Bera is the perfect gateway to chase the big cats! The fascinating hilly and rocky landscapes will definitely make your tour mesmerizing one. Since there is an abundance of cattle and monkeys in Rajasthan the Leopards can never fall short of food! Well, this region is home to many other species of animals and birds. You can also spot countless crocodiles at the Jawai Dam.

Additionally, make your stay luxurious and comfortable one, by planning it in Bera safari lodge. Bera is all about perfections! Be it the staycation, hospitality to guests or sighting of leopards, Bera will never disappoint you. While searching the leopards in dense forests, if your taste buds crave for good food, you can easily hop to some nearby restaurant. Rajasthani cuisine will not only cease your hunger but also leave you craving for more and more!

Have you done your Bera safari booking yet? No, what are you waiting for? Get your safari camp in Rajasthan booked to make the most out of your trip. Rajasthan, apart from being the epitome of calmness and perfection, it is the best destination to explore leopards. So, plan your tour now! Rajasthan is all set for your warm welcome!

Khamma Ghani! Padharo Sa!

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Best Seasons:August, September, October, November, December, January, February
Popular Location:Pali, Bera,

Jungle Safari tour in Rajasthan

Jungle Safari tour