Crocodile and Bird watching in Jawai

Welcome to Jawai Dam!

Jawai – The land of wild leopards! The location of Jawai along with its timeless beauty and unique flavor of land, provide you an entirely different taste of Rajasthan. It is the only land in Rajasthan, where you can enjoy the close encounter with leopards while bird watching in Jawai dam. In addition to leopard sighting and the great hospitality of the local people of Jawai, the Jawai dam is one of the hidden gems of the city. Located around 150 km from Udaipur, Jawai Bandh is a perfect spot for bird sighting. Despite numerous species of birds, crocodiles are sighted all year round. To witness the timeless beauty and alluring Rajasthani tradition, get your safari in Jawai Bandh booked now.

The Jawai dam is the biggest in western Rajasthan and hoses more than 300 crocodiles and aquatic life. The plan for crocodile sighting in Jawai dam will never disappoint you. In addition to the big crocodiles, Jawai dam is renowned for migratory birds. However, flamingos remain a major attraction! Birding at Jawai dam offers you the opportunity of sighting more than 240 species of birds out of which 50 are migratory.

Apart from aquatic life sighting, the backdrop of the Aravalli range makes it the most picturesque destination! This dam quenches the thirst of numerous wildlife inhabiting in Jawai. It includes wolf, chinkara, jackal, wild cats, and hyena.

Take a leisure stroll through the vast, open and windy terrain near the picturesque lake. The walking area at Jawai dam is ideal for recreation and relaxing your soul. In addition to crocodile watching in Jawai dam, you can cherish the beautiful view of the sunset from the edge of the lake. The easy access to magnificent Kumbhalgarh fort from Jawai dam is surely cherry on the top! The fortress is the proud holder of the title ‘World Heritage Site’, which is given by UNESCO. Cradled in the Aravalli Ranges, the beauty of Kumbhalgarh will leave you awe-inspiring.

Undoubtedly, Jawai dam is no less than paradise on Earth! Wildlife enthusiasts get ready for the best Bird watching in Jawai Dam Rajasthan. Plan your tour and fade away in the enchanting beauty of incredible Rajasthan.

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Best Seasons:August, September, October, November, December, January, February
Popular Location:Pali, Bera, Jawai